Structural Engineering in Worthing

Empower your Home’s Potential

Specializing in swift beam calculations to redifine your living space within 48 hours.
Don’t Let Structural Complexities Hold You Back

When you dream of an open, airy space in your home, hitting a structural roadblock can feel like your vision is just that – a dream. The complexity of removing load-bearing walls or making significant alterations often leaves homeowners feeling overwhelmed and stuck. That’s where Sussex Structural Engineers steps in. 

With expertise and efficiency, we navigate the maze of structural engineering for you – transforming daunting barries into seamless solutions under 48 hours. Our dedicated team ensures that not only is your vision achievable but it’s done with utmost safety and precision.


  • Quick Turnaround: Lightning-fast beam calculations and wall removal plans to keep your project on schedule.
  • Peace of Mind: Comprehensive support throughout the building process ensuring a stress-free experience.
  • Professional Expertise: Highly skilled engineers who tailor solutions to uniquely fit every home’s needs.
 “SSE provided us with the structural and building regulation drawings for our loft and rear extension…They are professional, friendly, always available…definetely recommend SSE to others.”
Our services:
  • Detailed Beam Calculations – Precision-engineered solutions for any project size.
  • Load-Bearing Wall Removal – Expertly managed during the planning process until final construction phase.
  • Building Regulation Compliance – Ensuring every modification meets legal standards
  • On-Site Support – Direct assistance during construction for peace of mind
  • Customized Solutions – Tailored engineering that fits exactly what your home needs.
Why Sussex Structural Engineers?
  •  Local Expertise, Global Standards: Our in-depth knowledge of Worthing’s building environment, combined with our adherence to international engineering standards, ensures the best outcomes for your project.
  • Client-Focused Approach: We believe in a collaborative process where your needs and ideas are paramount, ensuring a project outcome that truly reflects your vision.
  • Unwavering Quality Commitment: Leveraging advanced technology and innovative engineering techniques, we deliver projects that are synonymous with excellence and sustainability.
 Ready to Open up Your Space? Choose our services for your project in Worthing!
Terraced House, Loft Conversion
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