Sussex structural engineers

It’s all about stability and durability. Sussex Structural Engineers are the right choice if you are building or renovating a new home, office, school, hospital or gym. 

Any project that alters the structure of any building or requires building control approval will require the expertise of a structural engineer.  Sussex Structural Engineers can provide structural drawings and calculations, these can then be used by your architect and building contractor during any renovation work or new build. The buildings we live in, and use on a daily basis, withstand all sorts of human and environmental degradation.  A structural engineer needs to take everything into account when drawing up plans and structural calculations.  Not only does a roof need to cope with snowfall, storms, earthquakes and children but also all the water contained in a swimming pool!  Buildings need to be safe, healthy and structurally sound. They also need to be durable. Structural engineers work closely with architects and building contractors when designing buildings and here at Sussex Structural Engineers we are leaders in structural engineering and have experience with a huge variety of different structures. 

 Our professionalism speaks for itself.


To meet our clients’ project objectives with innovative designs, their need for performance and economy with creative style.


We are passionate about design and you can draw on our extensive experience to develop economical, innovative yet simple and effective design solutions.


We strive to maintain professional integrity as project team members.  We always maintain good communication within the team and take pride in every detail – even on the smallest builds…