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With our expert team, expect swif, precise structural engineering solutions for your most complex project in Sutton.


Efficiency & Compliance Made Easy

 In the fast- paced world or architectural design, we understand that time is not just money, it’s also trust.                                                       Delays in receiving accurate structural calculations can derail entire projects, leading to frustrated clients and compromised designs. Traditional engineering services often fail to keep pace with the demands of modern residential projects.

To tackle these issues, we must acknowledge the importance of carrying out detailed and accurate structural analysis and design work that adheres to UK building regulations. This type of work is specifically tailored to architects and their needs, ensuring that buildings are safe, functional, and in compliance with regulations. This stress compounds when considering aesthetics alongside compliance.

Sussex Structural Engineers offers the solution: unparalleled professionalism and speed in delivering beam calculations within 48 hours.   Our tailored solutions encompass everything from loft conversions to complete home extensions, prioritizing swift service without compromising on quality or regulation compliance.


  • Speedy Delivery: We guarantee structural analysis results in under 48 hours.
  • Tailored Expertise: Our services are designed specifically for residential projects including loft conversions, home extensions, new builds
  • Regulation Compliant Designs: Peace of mind knowing all designs adhere strictly to UK building regulations.
“I have worked with SSE for many years…always deliver the projects timely…friendly team providing great service…have recommended them on numerous occasions!”
Our Services: 
  • Structural Analysis & Design: Precise solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  •  Beam Design: Optimized for safety and aesthetic appeal.
  • Foundation Design: Ensuring durability from the ground up.
  • Retaining Walls: Combining form with function effectively.
  • Sustaianble Modern Homes: Building towards a greener future.
Specialized Structural Services in Sutton:
  • Home Extensions: Understanding the unique architectural landscape of Sutton, our home extensions are designed to enhance living spaces with creativity and structural integrity. We conduct thorough structural calculations to ensure that each extension is a perfect addition to your existing home.
  • Loft Conversions: Transform your unused attic space into a functional area with our expert loft conversion services in Sutton. Our team guarantees that each conversion is not only visually appealling but also complies with all structural safety norms, maximizing utility and comfort.
  • New Builds: As experienced structural engineers, we bring your vision of a new home to life with meticulous planning and precision. From foundation to rooftop, our detailed structural calculations ensure the resilence and durability of your new build.
 Ready to Elevete Your Projects With Precision Engineering?


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Structural Calc and Building Regulation in Sutton
Structural Calculation and Building Regulation for Loft Conversion
Structural Calculations Rear Extension Sutton
Structural Calculations and Part A Drawings for Single Storey Rear Extension
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